Go safi gives you power to request on-demand dry cleaning, laundry & other related services with the tap of a button. We enable the best local cleaners & contractors to develop the most convenient, high quality pick up & delivery services.

Simply place an order via our website or app (coming soon). One of our agents will collect your items and take them to our cleaning partners that you will have selected, we’ll then deliver your items back at a time scheduled.

Turnaround times are dynamic based on the day and time of your pick up. Typically items are cleaned and ready for delivery in 24-48hrs, but we’ll tell you when your order is expected to be ready.

Our agents arrive promptly within the 60mins slot you’ve selected. If you’ve requested “Rush pick up ” our agent will be there in 30mins or less.

Every service provider on our platform have their separate charges.

We have signed with the best service provider who will offer you value for your money. We also accept if you recommend your cleaner to be on our platform. Recommend the same to our team at salesteam@gosafi.co.ke

We currently require a minimum order of ksh2000/=  or incur a service fee of ksh200/=.

Unfortunately we only deliver to the same address we collected from. We are working on making this more flexible.

We have great pride in providing high-quality cleaning for every garment you give us. We have developed several steps in our process to ensure that your clothes always receive the best care.

Yes, you are able to tip the delivery guy upon delivery via text! Simply reply to your delivery confirmation text message with “TIP” followed by amount you’d like to give (eg “TIP100”) and it’ll be automatically added to your receipt.

Yes we offer Rush services for an additional fee of 200/=

Yes we do offer one way service at a fee.

Yes we do have route days for specific regions. We will send a smart reminder twice a week on your “route” days.

Yes many of our customers give us more clothes for cleaning every time we come by a delivery.

We send out e-mail confirmation that works as receipt. If you wish to get a receipt in PDF format for accounting purposes simply shoot an email to info@gosafi.co.ke and we will sort you ASAP